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Vpr.303 was born from the men and machines that returned from the ‘Great War’ to create an industry to rival the rest of the world. Inspired by the  C.I.P, SAAMI testers and manufacturers of the 303 military cartridge.

VPR.303 engineering and design, centres around the principle of bringing modern standards of construction and design to the classic lines of British heritage.

Contemporary design for the Great British biker. This range has been built around principals of safety first, maximum standards of construction, and affordability, whilst maintaining the timeless classic look of their predecessors

We create for every rider who remains loyal to our British heritage. Someone that wants to remain safe, but always with the look and feel of, the men they are and the bikes they love. They accept nothing but the best, always respectful of those who have gone before

Our mission was to create not only a range of heritage helmets but also a range of textiles, leathers, gloves and denim Aramid jeans. All helmets conform or exceed ECE22.05 standards, and exceed other testing requirements where appropriate. Our VPR.303 clothing are all CE “Whole Garment” Approved, so the Motorcyclist has a range of products that represent British history, whilst conquering the roads they ride.

Vpr.303 salutes the fearless souls of this world by producing the ultimate in Motorcycling protection.